About Us

Crystal Natural Pharmaceutical Corp. (CNPC) is an industry leader in researching, developing and manufacturing natural herb supplement products. Relying on its unique products, good quality control process, excellent services, talented people and management team, CNPC stands out in today’s highly competitive orthopedic industry.

CNPC has professional testing center, and advanced equipment for producing the products. In 2004, the company passed Chinese national GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. The products manufactured by CNPC can be relied on to meet high quality standards and they are not only to be safe and non-toxic to take but also have unique an
remarkable characteristics.

Crystal Natural Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Base

Crystal Natural PharmaceuticalOperation Center

Promoting Chinese traditional medicines, utilizing modern science, keeping professional morals and caring about people’s health are the goals of the company. We are committed to continued achievement in all of these goals to ensure a healthy future for our business so that we can continue to help improve the lives of, and add value for, all those who benefit from our product.