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James, Atlanta, USA
"I would definitely recommend Osteoking for any AVN conditions someone is experiencing. I developed AVN in 2012 after steroid shots for multiple sinus infections and tonsillitis. The steroids caused meet to get AVN in my left hip and at the point I noticed it I was still very early on in the stages. I was at stage one. I found Osteoking online and decided to give it a try. I had severe sharp pains in my hip and could barely walk without a limp. I begin taking Osteoking a few weeks after finding out I had AVN and the conditions begin improving greatly. The pain and limp went away after about 3 months of taking Osteoking and I was pain free and back walking and during activities like cutting the grass and exercising with no pain about 6 months to a year later. At that time I had gone to get an X-Ray and the doctor said I was still in the early phases and that the condition had not gotten worse. I do think that Osteoking was the main reason for my condition not worsening. I think I would have healed completely, but unfortunately, I had to have a surgery to have my tonsils removed and i was put back on steroids, Prednisone, and after stopping the Osteoking during the surgery, I felt the pain coming back from the steroids. So I had gone back to the doctor. At this point the AVN started to get worse at early stage two. So I had a core decompression surgery on my left hip and two weeks after the surgery, I begin taking Osteoking again and begin exercising on a stationary bike with great resistance a few weeks after my surgery. It has been 9 months post-surgery and my X-ray shows that new bone has formed and no collapse has occurred. The femur bone looks healthy and rounds and I am completely pain free. I have not taken pain medicine since the second week of my surgery. I totally believe that Osteoking was the main reason why I never had a collapse and that new bone is forming and my hip is fully recovering. I have one more checkup in October for a year follow-up, but Osteoking has saved me from losing my hip and recovering from AVN. I would definitely recommend this product. I have been pain free for about nine months and don't even take any other pain medicine. I have returned to all activities and exercise, with the exception of running. I do believe that Osteoking, exercise, diet, and Prayer have been the key to my recovery. I still take Osteoking now and will continue to take a maintenance dose to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks Osteoking for your product!"
Customer Testimonials

Andrew L, Wingham Ontario, Canada

"One year ago my doctor was very concerned about my bone density report.  My bones  were showing very low density and he was very concerned with the T score of my left hip.  He immediately prescribed Didrocal which I was unable to take because of severe side effects.  I continued to take 1200 mg of calcium a day.  I dont do well on calcium either so I struggled to take it.  I heard about OsteoKing in May of 2014 so I took it for four months...and about half way through the third month I noticed a difference in the strength of my nails.  On Oct 8th 2014 I had another bone density test...my doctor was amazed and could not explain how my  bone density had increased and my hip had remained stable.  He advised me to stay on the calcium ..he doesn’t know about OsteoKing. He suggested I have another test in 2 or 3 years...in the meantime I plan to stay on OsteoKing and OsteoWonder"

Virginia C, Kentucky USA


"I know about your product by searching for alternative solutions for my dog.  He had Legg-Perthesdisease of his right hip.

The only solution that was offered by the Veterinarian was to cut the ball off.  I didn’t like that option, so I searched for alternatives and found your product.

I bought one course of Osteoking and gave him ¼ of a bottle every other night for 2.5 months.  He now walks/runs with no limping or holding his leg up as he did before taking your product.

I was convinced of how good Osteoking was after that and decided that I should take it for my condition as well.  I’m looking forward to receiving my order so I won’t have this constant pain."


Vallerie H., New Jersey, USA

"In late 2008 I was diagnosed with AVN and a hip replacement was suggested.  I found out about your product from Rosie G....

I started taking Osteoking in early 2009 and my symptoms went away after about six months.  Then I slacked off and the pain came back.  I then resumed taking the Osteoking for another 6 months.  After that, I have been pain/symptom free.  I have not gone back to the Dr. so I’m not positive that is totally reversed my AVN, but I certainly have had NO pain."


Dr. Haussam EI., United Kingdom


"My bone disease before taking Osteoking was bilateral stage 1 AVN; only symptomatic on the right side with constant severe right groin pain.

I started Osteoking in June 2010. However, the decompression took off the pain completely on 30 June 2010. Osteoking has a siginificant added benefit after the operation that enhanced my recovery; allowed me to start my gym exercises 2 weeks after operation very gradually till after 3 months I was off the crutches and running 8 km in 15 minutes on a cycle and at high level of resistance.

My Orthopaedic Consultant was amazed about the speedy recovery which he was not expected until fater a year from the time of operation. In deed, the operation + Osteoking + regular exercises were the key towards regaining my bones healthy again.

I managed to lose weight so far 30 kg. Upon looking at my last MRI, disease process has stopped since Jan 2011 and bone filled up with healthy tissue as well as no secondary osteoarthritis.

I would like to thank all Osteoking team for the constant support and assurance"


Dan T., United Kingdom


"I have to say the product that I have been using for over 15 months is more than helping my hip problem - Avascular necrosis of the fermeral Head.

I am nearly back to normal with no pain just need to exercise this area over the coming months.    

The product has been a life saver for me as my work involves standing and giving speeches etc for days at a time.

I want to take this opportunity for your product and help over the last 18 months I think you have a fantastic product and I have mentioned to countless people her in the Uk. "


Dr. Diana O., Arizona USA


"My last visit with the orthopedic surgeon was last August(09). At that time, to his amazement, my xrays showed no more hole in the bone - no more AVN. There was suspicion that I could have had AVN in the foot as well - that checked out negative. I have one more visit with the surgeon this Aug or Sept. If all continues as before,, he will release me from his care.

He found it hard to believe that the AVN was gone.He said that things like that don't happen. Unfortunately, he was not very interested in what I was doing to accomplish this.  I have done other things along with the Osteoking, but I do believe that the Osteoking was the main factor. I have put myself on a maintenance dose of one or two doses per week. I doubt if I will go off it completely. I appreciate your product. Let me know what else I can provide for you."


Patrick C., Western Cape, South Africa


"I have been taking Osteoking since 01/2009. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it for the last 6 months of 2009 because the South African customs withheld my delivery of Osteoking. I managed to resolve my problems with customs in 01/2010 and started to take Osteoking again. I therefore took it for the first 6 months in 2009 and have been taking it for 7 months in 2010, a total of 13 months.

The affect on my AVN has been very good. Before I started taking it I had constant pain in my shoulders and battled to sleep at night. I also had restricted movement in my arms. I now have almost no pain and sleep well. I also have unrestricted movement in my arms. The improvement was gradual and constant. If I exercise I still get pain so I do not think it is fully healed yet. I had X-Rays and a MRI taken before I started Osteoking and they showed advanced AVN in both my shoulders. I have decided to have X-Rays and another MRI in September 2010 to see how the AVN has improved. I will be happy to share those results with you. My physician is amazed at my improvement. The cause of my AVN is not know. We ruled out trauma, cortisone, decompression, sickle cell, Gaucher’s and alcohol. "

5 years ago I had AVN in my hips and ended up having a double hip resurfacing. I wish I had found out about Osteoking before then.

Thank you for your great product. You may use me as a customer testimonial. I hope more people benefit the same way I have. Western doctors are still telling their patient that there is nothing you can do for AVN besides having an operation. More people need to know about your product."


Alan K, New York, USA


"My AVN was very debilitating last year when I first got diagnosed in October 2009. From my Ortho’s perspective it was too far along for any type of treatment like micro fracture surgery. He said, that I should just live healthy and rest, and change my habits to see if this could potentially reverse itself. I went on the web and found your product. Since there was nothing else available I thought I would give it a shot, although   the price point is quite high at over $7.50 a vial. My decision was met with much criticism from my Doctors, but they said it’s your money, and your health do whatever you see fit.

Early on, I would suffer from my hip joints popping out of their socket. After 1 month of Osteoking that started to subside, and now after 8 months that feeling very rarely happens now. The pain and the limp that I suffered from early on, was substantial. Now I don’t have much of limp at all, unless I over work myself, and then I feel the achiness and stiffness. However, it is much less than before. I still wouldn’t be able to perform any type of running exercises, but I can ride a bike and swim with no issues.

The only side effect that is noticeable is intense dry mouth, especially when taken right before bed. I have switched my routine to take it with my dinner, and that allows me to hydrate well before bed, and thus don’t have to worry about that consequence."


Rosie G., Nashville, TN, USA


"I did take Osteoking for 10 months following hip fracture surgery (the surgery resulted in a 4mm size spot of Necrosis on the femur head).

I do believe that it helped my healing from the surgery and helped strengthen my bone.  

My bone density test following the use of Osteoking did show some improvement; which is a good thing and I was pleased about that result."

Anthony S., Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

"I have experienced great release after using your product. I can walk and have about 95% movement in the once affected area."


Mohammad A., British Columbia , Canada

"as for me thanks God i am cured in my MRI and i do not longer need to take osteoking more than 6 month"

Philip W., Gurnee, IL, USA

"Based on x-rays it appears OsteoKing has improved my AVN condition by what appears to be bone generation where collaspe had occured.... Yes I would recommend OsteoKing to others "

Christian S., Romania


"The patient treated with your medication is my father. The medicament had some partial positive effects, most importantly making him able to sleep through the night without pain. Unfortunately some pain in the other hip started, after stopping the treatment process. He also took the medication only for 6 months, whereas your recommendation was one year"

Maureen M., London, United Kindom

"I had the accident which broke the femur neck in September 2007 and had the plate fixed.There was carelessness in the hospital at the time of admission while waiting for a bed in the A&E department. The first XRays had shown the fracture was not a shifted, but a nurse   lifted my body and caused the fracture to shift. I felt the pain of that happening.

The first XRAys showed a non shifted fracture so the surgeons were prepared for a different operation.  When they started  I had an epidural so was awake and experienced what was happening. There was confusion when they realized the fracture had shifted and so would need a fixation plate instead of pins.  They had to take any plate they could get at short notice with the opeeration in progress. This plate has turned out to be the wrong size (too long) so I have ongoing problems and need to have it removed.  

Ten months after the accident in July 2008 AVN was discovered with some flattening of the femur head.  I started to take Osteoking at that time and continued for about 1 year.  I did not have much trouble with the AVN during this time.  It didn't feel like it was getting worse.  However a year ago there were some very big problems in my family and I had to stop using Osteoking as the cost was too high and there were other priorities.  I still feel the femur head as being quite sore on certain movements but no direct pain.

For this reason I will start soon to take Osteoking again.  I want to have the plate removed and hope that the AVN will continue to improve if I do that.  I have not had it XRayed or been to the doctor since July 2008 so I don't know the exact condition yet.  I feel that the Osteoking probably helped to stop the AVN from getting much worse in the year I took it.  I will begin to take it again soon so am hoping it will strengthen the femur head before I decide to have the plates removed"