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James, Atlanta, USA
"I would definitely recommend Osteoking for any AVN conditions someone is experiencing. I developed AVN in 2012 after steroid shots for multiple sinus infections and tonsillitis. The steroids caused meet to get AVN in my left hip and at the point I noticed it I was still very early on in the stages. I was at stage one. I found Osteoking online and decided to give it a try. I had severe sharp pains in my hip and could barely walk without a limp. I begin taking Osteoking a few weeks after finding out I had AVN and the conditions begin improving greatly. The pain and limp went away after about 3 months of taking Osteoking and I was pain free and back walking and during activities like cutting the grass and exercising with no pain about 6 months to a year later. At that time I had gone to get an X-Ray and the doctor said I was still in the early phases and that the condition had not gotten worse. I do think that Osteoking was the main reason for my condition not worsening. I think I would have healed completely, but unfortunately, I had to have a surgery to have my tonsils removed and i was put back on steroids, Prednisone, and after stopping the Osteoking during the surgery, I felt the pain coming back from the steroids. So I had gone back to the doctor. At this point the AVN started to get worse at early stage two. So I had a core decompression surgery on my left hip and two weeks after the surgery, I begin taking Osteoking again and begin exercising on a stationary bike with great resistance a few weeks after my surgery. It has been 9 months post-surgery and my X-ray shows that new bone has formed and no collapse has occurred. The femur bone looks healthy and rounds and I am completely pain free. I have not taken pain medicine since the second week of my surgery. I totally believe that Osteoking was the main reason why I never had a collapse and that new bone is forming and my hip is fully recovering. I have one more checkup in October for a year follow-up, but Osteoking has saved me from losing my hip and recovering from AVN. I would definitely recommend this product. I have been pain free for about nine months and don't even take any other pain medicine. I have returned to all activities and exercise, with the exception of running. I do believe that Osteoking, exercise, diet, and Prayer have been the key to my recovery. I still take Osteoking now and will continue to take a maintenance dose to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks Osteoking for your product!"

OsteoKing, the breakthrough Chinese herb product for bone health in 21st century, is based on a hundred year ancient Chinese formula and developed by the researchers of the company for more than 15 years. OsteoKing is made of many rare natural herbs which can only grow and be found at the far villages in Yunnan, China.

OsteoKing, the natural herbal formula is not only 100% natural ingredients without any added chemicals, color or preservatives but also has no harmful side effects. Osteoking can support strong and healthy bones, and has been shown to help improve bone strength and healing. It has been used repeatedly for the following symptoms:

    •  Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis/ Osteonecrosis

    •  Osteoarthritis 
    •  Osteoporosis
    •  Bone Fractures 
    •  Herniated Disc

OsteoKing is developed and prepared by traditional Chinese and modern scientific methods and has been approved by SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) in China. It has passed many strict tests and experiments for its efficacy, safety and quality in China, and it has been proved to help bone diseases. Moreover, it has been tested repeatedly at Hong Kong Standards and Testing Laboratory, Hygienic laboratory of University of Iowa, and Advanced Laboratories Inc. in USA for its safety. All results showed OsteoKing is a safe product and meets high quality standards.

OsteoKing has been formally recommended to WHO (World Health Organization) by the Chinese Traditional Research Institute as the representative of primary orthopedics Chinese herb supplement. OsteoKing is sold in all the cities in China and other countries around the world.

With the changing of the modern medical methodology, and the increasing demands of preventive cares, the needs for natural products are getting bigger globally. As an all natural herb product, OsteoKing can improve the quality of people’s daily life. Its good reputation comes directly from those who have benefited from using the product. The biggest advantage of OsteoKing is the positive results from the researchers conducted at many different angles and aspects for its mechanism and effectiveness.